Politicians in a Mosque? The Legal Rules for Civic Engagement


Whether it is a presidential election year, a month before a primary election w local elected leaders seeking office, or any other day of the year, it is critical that the Muslim-American community actively participate in the civic engagement process through voting and advocating on policy issues that affect our communities and neighbors. Islam calls for equity and justice and so every issue is a “Muslim issue.”

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family, exemplified what being a civically active participant looks like, working in coalitions on social and economic issues. We must follow his example.

Relatedly, we have partnered with our community’s leading civic engagement organizations to create a condensed toolkit for our community to better understand:

  • How to effectively civically engage in your community
  • What the legal parameters for civic engagement are for mosques, Islamic schools, and other non-profit (501c3) organizations
  • Links to additional resources

Should you have any questions, please contact: