Climate Change

In the 25th chapter of the Qur’an (25:63), God reminds humans “to walk softy on the earth” (25:63). This is a call from scripture for us to reduce our carbon footprint by adopting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. A core teaching of Islam is found in the phrase “the best of you are those who are a blessing and of benefit to others.” Addressing climate change by reducing our carbon footprint is a moral responsibility as Khualfa al-ard – caretakers, stewards, and guardians of the earth. We must care for all of creation. Reshaping our patterns of consumption and conservation not only help preserve the planet for us and our future generations, but also improve overall public health and economic prosperity, particularly for the vulnerable amongst us who are most severely impacted by climate change.

ISNA Unveils National Survey of Muslim-Americans Revealing Strong Support for Taking Action on Climate Change

The results of the first-ever national convenience survey sample of more than 1,180 Muslim-Americans reveals that the overwhelming majority of our community:

  • Correctly understands the origins of climate change (largely human activity) 
  • Is deeply concerned about the current and future impacts of climate change upon all creation, especially the most vulnerable and future generations
  • Supports shifting toward more renewable energy sources, and imposing a corporate polluters fee

Results of the forty-three question survey suggest strong support for taking measures to address climate change from Muslim-Americans across gender, age, geographic origin, and even political orientation. Respondents also expressed overwhelming levels of religious motivation for their beliefs in taking action on climate change, and their interest for Islamic educational institutions to more thoroughly teach children about climate change.

For more information on the survey methodology, results, and recommendations, please see the full report.

For a quick summary, check out the infographic of the survey results linked in the “resources” sidebar of this page.

Short Documentaries

Our office joined efforts with award-winning Muslim filmmaker Mawish Raza to create a short documentary film, The Earth as Our Mosque. It investigates climate change’s contributions to Hurricane Harvey, and follows the Islamically-inspired green actions that two Houstonian Muslim families are taking to tackle environmental devastation.

Telling our stories: One Muslim entrepreneur in Houston is using his business to fight climate change and provide healthy produce for all Texans.

We are grateful to one of our organizational partners, ecoAmerica, for the financial and programatic support provided through their Blessed Tomorrow initiative.